UPC sanctioned under SGA

The 2011-2012 Student Government Association’s elected officials, otherwise known as the “Top-Shelf” administration, came into office with a firestorm of student support and an ambition to improve Texas Southern University.

Lead by President Shekira Dennis, the “Top Shelf” administration has been working hard this summer for their students. Much to the excitement of students, SGA has gotten administration to lower student parking decals to $40 and extended homecoming activities to a full week.

However, not all things have been welcomed with open arms.

This summer SGA officials enacted the “2011 UPC Reorganization Clause,” a new bill resolution restructuring the University Program Council.

The resolution states: “The UPC shall become the official program department for the SGA and shall plan, coordinate, schedule and present cultural and social programs and activities throughout Texas Southern University.”

UPC has long been known for its infectious school spirit and dynamic campus activities that promote student engagement.

Under SGA, all bills and funding requests must be presented to the Student Senate for approval.

While students may question the need for this resolution, SGA stands by its decision and assures that this change is for the better.

“The Student Government Association, as the governing organization of the student body and all student body and all student organizations, believes in firm accountability towards our constituency and this resolution upholds that belief,” said President Dennis.

“Because UPC is funded directly from student fees as SGA is, it should follow the exact same rules as SGA to ensure accountability and uphold our fiduciary responsibility.”

The reorganization clause also states that UPC shall consist of a 15-person committee that will be headed by a chair who is a member of the executive cabinet of SGA and be under the direction of the SGA president.

In addition, the UPC chair will to not only be elected by the general student body during annual elections, but also must have a two-thirds approval of the Student Senate.

Finally, the UPC will be bound to all sections of the SGA Constitution and UPC Reorganization Clause.

Dennis assures the student body that this resolution is not in place to “micro-manage” UPC, but to promote financial accountability.

“We have implemented protocols which will allow for greater transparency of budget transactions and ensure monetary issues of the past are not present in the future.”


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