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Three Paragraph Opening: Kyndall Thrasher

Kyndall Thrasher, a senior radio, television and film major, currently interns with the production company, “Departure Films.” Thrasher is assisting “Departure Films” in their new home renovation reality show.

She seems quite pleased with her first official internship. “It’s interesting to see how stuff works behind the scenes,” saidThrasher.

Graduating this year in May 2012, she is considering continuing graduate school in either Florida, California or New York in the near future. This 23 year-old also has a great interest in public relations. Thrasher says she enjoys “putting the pieces of a project together” between a brand and its consumers.


Current Event Quiz

1. Which pop diva announced her pregnancy on the 2011 Video Music Awards?

2. What former NBA was arrested in the slaying of a mother in Atlanta?

3. Why is the Justice Department trying to stop AT&T from merging with T-Mobile?

4. What state is pushing for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage on the 2012 ballot?

5. What well-known CEO resigned from his position?